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Vins fins d'Alsace - France



Whether on the terrace of a wine tavern or taking the wine from your own cellar, drink it in leisurely fashion and savour it to the full.

1. In order to preserve the subtle bouquet of the wine, do not fill your glass to the brim

2. Raise the glass slowly and gently rotate the wine

3. Admire the clarity and green-gold colour

4. Inhale the fragrance of the wine...

5. Finally, taste it, taking tiny sips until it impregnates the palate and only then swallow it.

This is the way to appreciate to the full the flavour, elegance and delicate bouquet of an Alsace wine.

Learn to appreciate the slight sparkle of some exquisitely fresh Alsace wines. The sparkle is the result of early withdrawal from the cask, a practice intended to preserve their youthful qualities.

Remember that a slight deposit of tartrate crystals in the bottom of the bottle is a natural phenomenon, often giving the wine a greater mellowness and finesse.


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